I don’t feel safe to tell you

I don’t feel safe to tell you emerged out of research into psychological and physical therapies, practices and programmes including: Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Systema, and Codependents Anonymous (CoDA).

Two performers enact a ritual of exercises designed to bring repressed trauma to the surface. Inspired by the radical self-analysis of self-help programmes, they set out to ‘make a searching and fearless moral inventory of themselves’ (CoDA, Step Four).

Premiered at Haus N, Athens. With Jeremy Nedd.

A mix made during my residency at Bibliothek Andreas Züst. “This mix is a compilation of some of the things I would listen to while browsing the library late at night, when the Alpenhof staff had left and the other artists were asleep. It’s an attempt to sum up what it felt like to be up a mountain in rural Switzerland at a time when the world order seemed to be being overturned. Featuring unreleased material from Edward Herring and Leo Luchini, samples from the library’s S-Press cassette collection, Appenzell field recordings of cow bells, as well as music by Lorenzo Senni, Keiji Haino, Duncan Mackay, Arthur Russell and Calvin Harris.