Field of Study

Field of Study is an experimental, residential study week which took place in July 2023 for eleven participants at The Mirror Institution in Öland, Sweden. The project was initiated by Opashona Ghosh, Emmeli Person, Liza Rinkema Rapuš, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Mirjam Steffen and Iga Świeściak.

The programme’s focus was on de-individualizing artistic practice through peer learning methodologies. It sought to move away from competitive and extractivist modes of artistic study and production. Instead, the programme researched models that create space for artists to share resources. The week included peer-led workshops engaging with improvisational scores, social dreaming, mobilizing theory, documentation practices and labor extraction in the art world. Additionally it hosted screenings of works by Ane Hjort Guttu and Agus Nur Amal PM TOH.

Field of Study was realised with the generous support of Gwaertler Stiftung.