Dylan Spencer-Davidson

Selected projects: Volksbühne, Cabaret Voltaire, Cashmere Radio, Tropez, Haus N, Ashley, Evening Class, Bibliothek Andreas Züst

Affective Dynamics Study Group, 2021

Affective Dynamics Study Group is a collective devoted to 'study' in the Motenian sense, examining issues around interpersonal relations, non-violent communication, vulnerability, complicity and new ways of being and living together. Part consciousness-raising experiential group, part never-ending rehearsal, the collective meets to perform a series of experimental exercises together, borrowed from the fields of somatics, group therapy, activism, and movement practices. The video is based on footage from the study session and interviews with the participants.

Concept, Video, Music & Edit: Dylan Spencer-Davidson
Performance & Text: Paula Ďurinová, Nina Emge, Timothy George Kelly, June Lam, Sarah Rosengarten, Dylan Spencer-Davidson
Production Coordinator: Michael Ladner
Additional music: Leo Liccini

Commissioned by Roter Salon, Volksbühne Berlin for NEXT WAVES THEATER