Palestine: reading/watching/action

I’ve been wanting to share some the articles, films and organisers that have taught me the most during these last months of Israel’s live-streamed scorched-earth assault on Gaza. Hoping some of these links might be helpful for people who are not on IG, who process slowly (like me), or anyone wanting longer-form content. This is a personal and deeply noncomprehensive list on the subject—just some things I keep coming back to.

Two Blue Lines — Full-length documentary, uploaded in full to public YouTube by director Tom Hayes. Predominantly Jewish and Isreali anti-apartheid voices (as well as some settler ones).
Al Jazeera interview with Yanis Varoufakis — I’ve had many random and powerful experiences just witnessing everyday life on the ground in Gaza (when internet is online) and the West Bank.
Ceasefire reading list
Israeli settlements stand in the way of peace. Biden can defund them all, Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man in the Guardian
The Shoah after Gaza — Pankaj Mishra in the LRB, with references to Jean Améry’s powerful 1966 “Resentments” essay (in At the Mind’s Limits)
Actionable ways to support Palestine

Germany rn: anti-antisemitism, censorship, genocidal complicity
Bad memory — Brilliant Jewish Currents editorial
Manufacturing Consent in Germany : A Syllabus — Wirklichkeit Books’ extensive reading list about the increasingly repressive cultural climate in Germany
Memory Failure by Pankaj Mishra in LRB. Gives a thorough overview of how Germany got to where it is today.
Strike Germany — Call for cultural workers abroad to withdraw their labour from German cultural institutions to pressure government
The Problem with Defining Antisemitism by Eyal Press in the New Yorker

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