Dylan Spencer-Davidson

Selected projects: Volksbühne, Cabaret Voltaire, Cashmere Radio, Tropez, Haus N, Ashley, Evening Class, Bibliothek Andreas Züst

Lately, 2017

Over a series of experimental rehearsals employing radical therapy practices, the artist and a self-organised educational group collaborated to develop Evening Class, a performance exploring the emotional and affective complexities of forming a self-governed group or community. Zooming in on invisible flows of affect, power and desire, Evening Class is an attempt to embody and enact strategies and philosophies of embracing dissensus and difference. By translating existing social dynamics into physical interaction, the behavioural forces governing the group become visible.

Performance at Evening Class, London With Chris Lacy, Daniel Shannon, Dina Silantieva, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Joe Nava, Karolina C, Nicola Chemotti, Olya Troitskaya