Dylan Spencer-Davidson

Volksbühne, Cabaret Voltaire, Cashmere Radio, Tropez, Haus N, Ashley, Evening Class, Bibliothek Andreas Züst

Dylan Spencer-Davidson is an artist and performer based in Berlin, working across sound, performance, text and social practice. His work wrestles with interpersonal power dynamics, neuroatypical subjectivities and the inadequacies of verbal language. Combining research into therapy practices with choreography, autobiographical fragments and affect-laden soundscapes, his works explore the emotional territories lying beneath the violence of normativity.


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Guest tutor at Rupert Alternative Education Programme
Doubles, Jacob Peter Kovner (Performer)


Affective Dynamics Study Group, Volksbuehne Berlin
Selected for Peer Forum at Camden Arts Centre, London (Residency)
Phase Shifting Index, Jeremy Shaw, Centre Pompidou, Paris (Performer in Cathartic Technologies video)
Love under the sign of Teletrex, Edward Herring, BBC/NTS, London (Performer)
He's Dead, marikiscrycrycry, The Yard Theatre, London (Sound research)


The way I feel under your command, Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich (Solo performance)
Age of majority, TROPEZ, Berlin (Performance)
EVER, Nika Neelova The Tetley, Leeds (Sound installation)
Temporary relief: Listening session with Lauryn Youden, Raumstation.cc, Zürich (Performance, Residency)
The way I feel under your command, Royal Academy Schools, London (Solo performance)
Soft shell hard core #5, Royal College of Art, London (Solo performance)
Balance of Power by Allora & Calzadilla, Tate Modern, London (Performer)
And yet we are becoming, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (Dramaturgy)
Die Kammer, Verena Buttmann, Kunst Im Tunnel, Düsseldorf (Performer)


I don’t feel safe to tell you, Haus N, Athens (Duet performance)
Soft shell hard core #1-#4, Ashley, Berlin, Low Text, Berlin, OUTPOST, Norwich and FS, Liverpool (Solo performance)
SOFT SHELL HARD CORE, Edit magazine, No.76, 2018 (Press)
Alive... & then some, Justin Kennedy & Emma Howes, Ateneu, Porto (Performer)
Joan Jonas retrospective, Tate Modern, London (Performer)
The soul is quickened in her grave, Lauryn Youden, Very, Berlin (Sound design)
AMAZE performance, Alt_Cph 2018 (Sound design)


Lindsay Lohan, The Myth of the Premium Dance Experience, HotWheels Projects, Athens (Group exhibition)
Infinite Diegesis, Gossamer Fog, London (Group exhibition),
Lately, Evening Class, London (Performance)
Weportal at Victoria & Albert Museum, London (Performance)
Lovesickfuck, Guest Projects, London (Performance)
Survival strategies for a hostile environment, Studio Voltaire, London (Performance)